Ideal Manhattan Wedding Locations

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Rooftop Party Location
Manhattan Wedding Locations is the one-stop shopping for all your wedding needs. You can choose the perfect wedding venue from many options: catering halls, hotels, ballrooms, banquet halls, rooftop locations, restaurants, parks, museum, yachts and more. Besides the stunning locations, we offer links to your favorite wedding gown boutiques, the best jewelers for your rings, specialty wedding photographers, world-famous caterers, in-demand bands, dynamic DJs, and so much more. Who needs the hassle of surfing dozens of wedding websites in Manhattan when you have all the expert access and ease right at your fingertips here 24/7?

Fast-forward forty years. Imagine going through your photo albums with your children and grandchildren. You may no longer be living in Manhattan with such a tribe of children or maybe you never did. But you can now waltz back in time and remember that you and your husband were the star of your own movie with an ideal wedding location in Manhattan.
Manhattan Wedding Reception
We have been in the business of finding event locations for decades. We bring you to your important day with total confidence by helping you choose the ideal reception hall for your momentous day. “Location, location, location,” the battle cry of every real estate agent for a reason. The location of an event sets the tone of the event. The chicken may be dry but it won’t ruin your night. If the location is dry, then so is the event. Don’t let that happen to your wedding day! Let the experts from Manhattan Wedding Locations give you our decades of experience. You can relax knowing you are in great hands.