Ideas for Cocktail hour at Manhattan wedding locations

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See the interesting ideas for Cocktail hour at Manhattan wedding locations. Cocktail hour is the part of wedding reception when your family and friends will mingle and get to know each other. Typical cocktail hour includes refreshments and d’oeuvres, drinks and some music. Event can be held outside if weather and venue allows. Some Manhattan wedding locations offer separate cocktail hour room and then invite guests to the formal reception room.

Ideas for Cocktail hour at Manhattan wedding locations

Music and entertainment

Since cocktail hour sets the mood for the event, keep the volume down and decide for slow, toned music. You can hire a single musician such as violinist or pianist or a trio to play soft jazz music. If hiring a DJ, ask to play some of your choices for the hour. For an entertainment, hire a magician with card tricks to entertain your guests. Another option includes a slideshow of your and groom’s childhood photos. Or ask a photographer to take guests’ photos and hand them out framed at the end of your special event as a wedding favors.

The Menu

Cocktail hour menu should be diverse so all of your guests can enjoy at least one item. Appetizers are the most common menu item at the cocktail hour. Talk to the catering company and choose items that will be easy to eat. Opt for unique ways to eat food. Our favorites include: foods served in shot glasses, edible appetizer utensils, dessert in a martini glass, fried mac and cheese on a stick or mini shrimp cocktails.
Wedding Cocktail Hour Menu

Open Bar

Do not try to save money on open bar at the wedding reception and never choose cash bar at your event. Offer your guests multiple choices of drinks and beverages. Talk to bartender about mixing up signature drinks and serving expert drinks.

Decor and the setting

Decorate the cocktail hour room if it’s held at a separate venue than reception. Add some of the decors you are using in the venue. You can add centerpieces and candles. If event is held outside, add colored ribbons and personalized banners. Don’t forget about flowers.