Wedding favors your guests will love

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Get the wedding favors that your guests will love and actually use. The tradition of wedding favors is known for years now. It mostly applies to themed events where a wedding favor highlights the unique wedding. But a party gift is something bride and groom gives to their wedding guests so they remember this special day. The choice of wedding favors is tremendous. It can be something simple such as personalized wine glasses, cookies, candles or hand fans. At Manhattan Wedding Locations, we present list of the most practical wedding favors you can give to wedding guests.
Wedding Favors

Flip Flops

Guests can actually use this gift at beach wedding ceremony or outdoor wedding. Have them get it before the ceremony starts so they can comfortably walk thru the sand. At the wedding party, women and bridesmaids can change from high heels into flip flops and dance thru the night.

Spices and salt and pepper shakers

Spices are definitely a favor that will be used later in guest’s pantry. Salt and pepper shakers with your wedding date on it will have them remember your special wedding reception.

Honey or Jam

You can get honey and jam jars at the local farm and wrap it up in personalized ribbons and boxes. Something sweet for your guests.


More couples opt from giving away wedding favors and instead they donate money to charity. Guests receive nicely written card on their tables with the name of organization money was donated to. A heartwarming and thoughtful gift.

Lottery Tickets

This is a unique gift that will give your guests a thrill. Put the ticket inside of personalized box or elegant envelope. Hey, you never know!


Coasters will be something you guests will definitely use at home. Choose a special color or shape or put your wedding date on them.

Lip Balm

Get one or two lip balms for guests – an item everyone is using. Choose a color and flavor and mix them up!
Heart Shaped Wedding Favors